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Greetings from Germany!

Hi there!

Well, I don't know if here are many others from my country, but that won't matter. Unfortunately I don't speak french, so I have to leave one page open in the Google translator and an untranslated to write own posts ;-)

Actually, it took about 26 years to take notice of 'Les Tuniques Bleues' ;-) I'm still Amiga user and of course I knew the game 'North and South', although I rarely played it, because I'm no gamer. But seeing playing computer vs. computer was still fun. A few days ago I noticed that there's a re-release, although it's again five years old. Because I love fankobelgian comics, I decided to take a look at the original. And this was no bad descision.

'Les Tunique Bleues' quickly turned into my faourite comic albums. The main characters are good, I like the drawing style, and although or because it's more a humoristic comic, the half-paged battlefield scenes with lots of dead people make a real impression. The inclusion of real events is also reocurring in the series. I never thought that the 'David' exists until I was checking the US civil war entry in the Wikipedia for other reasons.

Except of the first albums, the comic is very straight forward, the characters have their position, there are none of which you want to get rid of in the series. One of my main other comic series is of course Spirou and Fantasio, but it has a lot of problems. Because there are so many artists, there's at least one which drawing style you don't like. In my case, it's Morvan & Munuera which their action powered, manga-style version. They're much too over-actioned. I think album 46 (L'Homme qui ne voulait pas mourier) is the only one which contains a bloody injury, in Zantafio's face. There are also a lot of inconsistensies during the series, for example, try to find out the age of the characters using the first album and album 48 (Aux sources du Z) - which was also from Morvan & Munuera. Or the Duisenberg - which the Comte de Champignac owned since 1938 - didn't really fit in. The company went bankrupt in 1937, and it's rather unusual that he as an great inventor imported one from the USA. By the way, in the first album he had a very old vehicle. There are also characters in the series which don't fit in - Seccotine and yes - the Marsupilami. Why? Because they're too perfect. All other characters are living by their mistakes, mostly because their characters and other weird occasions. But Seccotine and the Marsupilami don't make mistakes, so they will quickly get unsympathic. That's why Fournier is one of my favourite artists, he has a good drawing style, no Seccotine and Marsupilami, and great new characters, like Itoh Kata, Kodo and the weird guys from the Triangel. And they all have their mistakes, except perhaps Ororea, but she brings a completely new side of Fantasio to life.

But that's all not the case in Les Tuniques Bleues, sometimes it's an advantage that there are only a few artists, no changing dates and new newer technology. And Blutch and chesterfield are really great characters, and although it doesn't look that they were friends, you still know it - although no one of them would admit it.

So, this is maybe a not an usual post - maybe the only Geman in an french forum, and he doesn't even understand french. He has read the comic maybe just a week ago or so, and his introduction contains as a comparison with the inconsistensies of Spirou and Fantasio - isn't this a fundametal sacrilege to fankobelgian comic history?

Well, let's see if there is some activity in this forum. I'm actually working on some blue projects, let's see how they will work out.

Greets, Peppermint.

...oh yeah, just forgot: Why the nickname 'Peppermint'? Maybe because the series is so fresh? But then it probably should be called 'Les Tuniques Vertes'. No, there's a reason. The publishing of the Bleues is rather weird in Germany. As usual, most of the fankobelgian comic series were first published in the most popular German comic magazine 'Fix und Foxi'. It was usual to give the characters new names these days. In the series 'Fix und Foxi Super Tip Top' the first three albums of the Bleues were published in 1972/73, and Sergeant Chesterfield got the name 'Peppermint'. Although it's a rather weird name for him, its an acceptable nickname ;-)

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Re : Greetings from Germany!

Hallo Peppermint und willkommen zu unserem forum! Nein, du bist nicht der erste Deutsche auf der website aber vor langer Zeit sahe wir ein nicht!

Ich dachte, das deinen Name kamm von Peanuts "Peppermint Patty"!

The next part in English now... Your text is very long and I offer to take some time to translate it into French for the other members soon.

It's funny how Chersterfield became Peppermint. Perhaps because the original name was a brand of cigarettes, they preferred sweets in Germany!

Pour les autres membres du forum: je vous propose de traduire ou résumer en français le long texte de Peppermint dès que j'en aurai le temps.

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Re : Greetings from Germany!

Higgins a écrit :

... they preferred sweets in Germany!

This seems to be true ;-) It's much more complicated with the releases of the 'Blue Boys' in Germany.

- The first time three issues were released in 'Fix und Foxi Super Tip Top', 1972 and 1973 using the name 'Die Blauen Boys (The Blue Boys). The release order were the original albums 1, 2, 3, 10. The names were as followed: Peppermint (Chesterfield), Lollipop (Butch), Marzipan (=massepain, Tripps), Pralino (Bryan), Colonel McDrops (General Appletown), Miss Sweety (Miss Appletown) and so things like Fort Nougat, Fort Pudding etc. But remember, Fix und Foxi was a kids' magazine...

- The second time the first 17 issues were released since 1973 by the publisher Bastei, which is usually known for these DIN A5 'Dime Novels' which are laying around the cash registers in the supermarket. The name was this time 'Bud & Chester', the release order were the original albums 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 6, 16, 10, 17, 9. Names: Chester Chesterfield (Chesterfield), Bud Buddington (Butch), Smily (Tripps), Mackintosh (Bryan), Kommandant Potter (General Appletown), Miss Äppelpei (apple pie like it's pronounced in German letters, Miss Appletown), Fort Bröckelstone (Fort crumbling stones, Fort Bow).

Main differences: These issues were released as 'Bud & Chester), so Butch is mentioned first, which is rather unusual. He also got a surname. Bastei inserted a chraracter page similar to Clever & Smart (Mortadelo et Filemon). At the bottom are always one 'on-liner jokes' showing Chesterfield and Butch facing to each other on two pages. This makes the appearence of the comic rather cheap. The back side end picture also contains some silly commands from Chesterfield to Blutch.

- The first professional releases were made by the publisher Carlsen, which publishes a lot of fankobelgian Comics like Spirou & Fantasio, Yoko Tsuno and nearly everything else from Dupuis. They started 1982 using the name 'Die Blauen Boys' with issue 18, 'Blue Rétro', which is a rather good start. The order of appearance were chronological, the names were the same as in the original. The original album 6 was released as Carlsen Pocket 10 and album 7 as Carlsen Pocket 20. Album 29, 'En avant l'amnésique!' was not released by Carlsen.

- The fourth time and actual state the publisher Salleck has the rights since 1999. They released 'En avant l'amnésique!' as German number 26 in 2005 - 16 years after the original! Album 60 'Carte blanche pour un bleu' is released on 06.07.2017 - in two days.

Salleck actually starts to publish all albums in chronological order.

Yep, the series moved through four publishers, got different names, but it took 10 years to get the first good version published by Carlsen. Although the series is rather unknown in Germany, it has a rather detailled Wikipedia entry.

If there's interest, I can upload some pages of the new title and end pages of the FF super Tip Top and Bud & Chester versions.

Higgins a écrit :

Your text is very long...

Yes, that's true, but I'm often writing reviews or installation guides in other forums, and so I'm writing as detailled as possible. I also make a lot of research. And, I make Desktop Publishing since the age of 15, so quick written texts are nothing for me. Our daily newspaper does so many mistakes, spellink errors, letters with wrong psoition, misunderstandable headlines and and also layouting errors. And because I do my work as exact as possible, I detect every mistake, already a  space too much is visible for me. That's why usually every post in a forum has a marker 'edited', because if I find errors or a better formulation, I change it.

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Re : Greetings from Germany!

I already noted 3 missing characters, grr!

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Re : Greetings from Germany!

Too bad the smiley system isn't so good here like in the most forums. Otherwise it would be possible to use nice conversations like we're used from Blutch and Chesterfield. It's a construction kit of 44 icons and one template for extension.

FluxBB bbcode test

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Re : Greetings from Germany!

Hi Peppermint !

Welcome on the official forum of "Die blauen Boys" wink.

I have some Fix anf Foxi and a lot of Blauen Boys in German.

For those who have not seen some Fix and foxi :



and "Die Blauen Boys"


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