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Large Fort Bow for sale


I've built a Lego Fort Bow - with more than 5000 pieces!

The measurements are 76x60 cm, it comes on a large sand colored wood plate. The fort is in designed after the comics and has the correct size for the minifigures. The model is aligned on 32x32 baseplates and can be unlocked by hidden levers, so it's possible to make photos from the inside. The fort includes more than 10 cannons and gatlings. They're really built objects, not standard Lego parts. Horse carts are also available, but only a few horses. I also have weird parts like flames, it is also possible to create fight scenes.

300 minifigures are included, 150 for Northern and Southern states each. The faces and hands are flesh colored and unprinted, also the figures itself. I have real weapons from Brickarms, Bayonets, 1860 Saber, V42 Stiletto, M1851 Revolver and so on. These parts have sharp ends, not the blunt original Lego thingies. Rare parts like saber holders for the minifigs are included. I also have 300 brown rifles, not the common dark grey ones. Kepis and other hats are also available.

I made a lot of effort to create a lots of details. There were no fitting Lego parts for the towers to create a realistic look with the alternating tree logs stacked on each other. So I changed to Technic parts and one tower stand uses 438 pieces! Actually I've forgotten if this includes the tower itself or this is just the stand. Several parts were not available in old brown (Lego color name), so I sprayed them.

The fort is not glued, so it can't be shipped. It has to be picked up in Germany. My price expectation is 2000 Euro. That's not too much, just the weapons and the minifigures are worth more than 1000 Euro. I also have plans in DIN A0 format where every piece is visible, including the Lego part number. You can get them in the file formats PNG, PDF or QuarkXpress. I'm also adding several Lego Western sets, the rests of two Fort Legoredo and a whole sorted magazine of old brown parts which are very rare.

Of course, here are some pictures.

Greets, Peppermint.

https://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/ … n-6d88.jpg
https://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/ … m-0207.jpg
https://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/ … l-d991.jpg
https://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/ … p-6616.jpg

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